Store Holiday Decorations Efficiently and Safely

Store Holiday Decorations EfficientlyIt seems like Christmas decorations start to sprinkle the neighborhood even before the last turkey sandwich is eaten and the gravy stains are removed from the tablecloth.

Christmas is such a magical time of year and people just can’t wait to get started with the twinkle lights and towering tree in their living room. Is your house already decked out in Christmas finery? But before it got to its current gorgeous point, what was the process like? Were your strings of lights all tangled? Those precious salt dough handprints nibbled by insects? Did your spare wrapping paper get destroyed by a spring rain induced leak? You can tell us. We’ve all been there! But there’s a better way.

You’re probably not ready to think about it yet, but before you pack away your Christmas decorations this year, consider storing them in a small storage unit for next year. They’ll be protected from insects and water, and will be kept safe from temperature fluctuations that can wreak havoc on delicate ornaments. And if you follow our packing tips, you’ll get your decorations unpacked and in place in no time.

  • Give lights special attention. Replace burned-out bulbs and carefully wind the strings around sections of cardboard from all of your gift boxes. If each string has a designated spot in your yard or home, label them.
  • Make an open-first box. If you can’t wait to start baking each year, your open-first box should contain your Christmas cookie cutters. If it just doesn’t feel like Christmas without your grandmother’s vintage Santa statue, put it in there, too. Having an open-first box will keep you from having to dig through everything in search of a few special items.
  • Store like items together. If you always display a nativity scene, put all the pieces in one box. Same goes for your holiday village. You’ll never have to search for a missing wise man again!
  • Make a kids’ box. If you’re constantly hovering over your little ones when it comes time to decorate the tree, trying to keep them from touching the breakable ornaments, next year make a box that’s just for them and fill it with all the ornaments they can’t hurt. They’ll love diving into the box without input from the grown-ups.

Enjoy your decorations and have a wonderful holiday season!

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