Storage Units Can Simplify Spring Cleaning

Storage Units Can Simplify SpringSpring is the time people choose to give their homes a deep clean for several reasons. Among them, after a long winter of closed windows, it’s good to air everything out again. And spring is the perfect time for storage rotation as people pack away snow blowers and shovels for lawn mowers and gardening tools, switch coats with bathing suits, and trade sleds for driveway toys. If you slowly get your spring cleaning underway now, you’ll be done in no time and you’ll hardly notice the extra work.

The first step is to go room by room and remove the items that you want to throw away, recycle, or donate. Fill trash bags with these items and take them directly to your car. When you’re out running errands, make a quick stop at a donation site, recycle center, or dumpster and you’re done!

Next, go room by room and get rid of seasonal things. Pack up all your sweaters, your holiday decor, your heavy blankets, and your snow gear. Now these items will go in your car. When you have a free hour, drive them over to your storage unit and swap these items out for your spring and summer gear. When you get your seasonal items home, your closets will already have the space for them.

Now, declutter! Gather home office clutter in one box, kids’ art projects and supplies in another. Categorize all the items sitting around your home and find a place for them. Once the clutter is gone, the deep spring cleaning will be much easier.

If you simply can’t find the time for these steps, combine them. Grab a big box for each room and just toss seasonal items, clutter, and anything you don’t want in them. Then take these boxes to your storage unit. This method is faster, but you’ll eventually have to deal with the disorganization in your storage unit when it’s time to pull out the sweaters again.

Happy spring!

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