Surprising Find in a Storage Unit; The New Film: Finders Keepers

finders-keepers-posterNot sure what to watch this weekend? Well, have we got a suggestion for you. A story that’s been the stuff of legend in the self storage community has been turned into a documentary, titled Finders Keepers, and it looks worth a watch.

Here’s the story: A man went to an auction at a self storage facility and bid on and won a smoker. He proudly took it home, thinking of all the backyard barbecues in his future, popped it open, and discovered a leg inside. He called 911, his story hit the news and the original owner of the storage unit contents — and the leg — came forward. He claimed that after his leg was amputated, he put it in a safe spot so he could keep it always. And we all know what happens when you put something in a safe spot. You often misplace it!

So the leg’s original owner requested its return. The leg’s new owner saw this as a business opportunity and turned his backyard into a sideshow — charging people to look at the leg in the smoker. So who’s the rightful owner? The man born with it or the man who paid for it? You’ll get no spoilers from us! Don’t forget the popcorn.

Read about the film here:

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