Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Self Storage Unit with a Little Time and Planning

People decide to rent storage units for various reasons. It could be because they have moved or just because they need a little extra space in their home or office. Walkin02.11.15Starting off and keeping your storage unit organized will help ensure that you have the best experience possible. A little planning ahead can go a long way. Organizing and efficiently packing your items can take time and effort, but it will definitely be worth it in the long term. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Plan which items you want to store in your unit
  • Identify the items that will be packed in boxes and stacked.
  • Determine the items that you’ll need regular access to, so you can place them at the front of your unit.
  • Group boxes by fragility and/or weight.
    • Always store heavier, sturdier items on the bottom of stacked items
    • store fragile items on top.
  • Unpack and arrange items efficiently once you arrive at your storage unit

We’ll go into a little more detail in our next few posts. In the meantime, if you have any questions about packing or arranging your storage unit, please feel free to contact us!

Always Make Sure You choose the Unit that Will Suit Your Needs
You don’t want to pay for storage space you don’t need, and we don’t want you to! However, having a little extra space can help make it easier to move around. It also gives your leeway to add additional items at another time. We are happy to work with you to determine the perfect storage unit for you!

Walk in Closet, self storage in Randolph, provides the ideal solution to the problem of overcrowding. Whether it’s your business files, equipment and retail inventory, or furniture and belongings from your home, our storage closets will accommodate you. Whatever the reason, Walk in Closet provides a safe, temperature-controlled, state-of-the-art storage facility to suit your individual needs. Call 781-885-3965 for more information! We’re located at 76 Pacella Park Drive, Randolph, MA.


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