How to Store Garden Tools

tools-103444_640We don’t mean to rush you. You’re still harvesting tomatoes, your fall kale crop is just starting to sprout, and the mums are ready to be planted. But looking ahead to preparing your garden tools for winter storage isn’t a bad thing. If you start now, you’ll have a much smaller job to do when it’s time to lock everything away in your storage unit.

Sharpen Blades

As you use your digging and cutting tools, look for a sharp edge. If they’ve become dull, which they likely have after an entire spring and summer of use, file the edges sharp again or take them to a professional to do so for you. Before storing these metal blades for the winter, use a stiff brush to loosen dirt and rust, and rub the metal with a light oil. And as long as you’re checking the blades, take a look at the handles. If they aren’t smooth enough for you to run your hand along them without getting splinters, rub them down with some fine-grit sandpaper.

Clean Your Mower

Never store a dirty mower. Make sure your mower is free from dirt and grass clippings. Empty it of fuel by running till it stops. Change its oil, sharpen or replace the blade, and put it in storage where it will be all ready for the first mow of spring. Give your trimmer similar treatment. Don’t put it in storage if it’s full of fuel and dirty.

Container Gardens

If you have potted plants in your yard that will die over the winter, it’s a good idea to empty them of soil and leave them outside, or bring containers full of soil into your storage unit to refresh and reuse in the spring. If you leave pots filled with soil outside all winter, the soil will expand and contract as temperatures change. This could result in cracked pots.

If you prepare all of your gardening equipment well for off-season storage in your unit, you’ll be ready to plant again when the gardening bug bites in the spring.

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