Crazy Finds in Storage Units

tumblr_nlfnlusCb81sfie3io1_1280It stands to reason that there are certain items that you simply can’t store in a storage unit. Most of them are common sense, and they’re restricted for the safety of not only the storage facility itself, but everyone who uses it as well.

Of course, telling people they can’t store certain items is one thing. Making sure that they don’t is another matter altogether. Here are some of the more out-there finds in storage units.


A Florida family kept their grandmother’s body in a blue casket inside a storage unit for 17 years following her death. When the storage unit owner notified the family that the unit would be sold, they responded that the contents couldn’t be put up for auction, since they included a relative’s dead body.

Unreleased Michael Jackson songs.

More than 250 original songs by Michael Jackson were once found in a storage unit belonging to his father, Joe Jackson. No recording companies had a legal claim to the songs, reportedly worth millions of dollars – making the lucky buyer a Smooth Criminal.

Burt Reynolds’ odd collection.

Some of the many oddities found in Burt Reynolds’ storage unit include a framed letter from his doctor about a 1955 surgery on his spleen, a horse carriage built by Dolly Parton, the bill of sale for Roy Rogers’ horse Trigger, and the canoe from the 1972 movie Deliverance.

Old space equipment.

A storage unit close to Florida’s Cape Canaveral contained a NASA rocket and countdown clock. The old equipment had been stored there after the space program they were part of was discontinued.

Nic Cage’s million-dollar comic book.

Back in 2000, actor Nic Cage filed a police report after an extremely rare comic book was stolen from his home in Los Angeles. More than a decade later, the comic book (Action Comics #1 – worth more than a million dollars) turned up in an abandoned storage unit.

Cold, hard cash.

A man in San Jose got a storage unit at auction, later realizing that it contained gold and silver ingots worth more than half a million dollars, all stored in a blue Rubbermaid container.

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