Storing Your Summer Gear for Winter

StoringGearWinterSummer certainly held on this year. In New England, jackets haven’t made much of an appearance, but the temperature is definitely trending down. So c’mon — we know it’s tough, but it’s time to loosen your grip on summer. You could stuff all your summer gear in the basement or garage, but why deal with all that clutter and potential damage to your prized summer items? Instead, store them properly in your storage unit so it’ll be ready when warm weather comes again.

Summer Clothing

Make room in your closet by putting shorts and sundresses in storage. Make sure to wash and dry them thoroughly, paying careful attention to stain removal. Toss a few silica packets into plastic storage bins and pack up your clothes. The silica packets will prevent dampness from ruining your clothes. Of course, so will a temperature controlled storage unit!

Summer Gear

Wakeboards, surfboards and water skis all should be cleaned thoroughly and dried before making the move to storage. Then you can put them in a clearly labeled and sealed box, or lean them against the wall or in a specially designed shelf in your storage unit.

Pool Supplies

If you’re one of the lucky ones with a backyard swimming pool, it’s probably very hard to kiss summer goodbye by covering it up for the winter. But winter’s coming whether you want it to or not! Clean and dry pool toys and store them in a box. Electrical supplies, like the pool vac or pumps, should be drained of water and allowed to dry. Pack them away in a box with a few silica packs, which will eliminate any dampness that will inevitably remain.

Now that your summer chores are over, put on a pair of cozy slippers, wrap your hands around a mug of tea, and watch the leaves fall. That’s not so bad, is it?


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