Be Smart About Storing Winter Gear in Your Self Storage Unit

WIC - Winter gearWe’ve all been there — the report of a first big snowstorm comes so you excitedly dash to your storage space to grab your skis, snowshoes, ice skates, or sleds and then immediately lose the urge to enjoy the great outdoors when you realize what a daunting task finding all your equipment will be. Well, not this year! Read on for some tips on how to store your winter gear so that it’s accessible and ready for snowy fun.

Use the Walls

Skis, poles, and sleds are the perfect shape and length for leaning against the wall of your storage space. To prevent them from slipping and ending up on the floor, consider purchasing a freestanding storage rack that will hold your skis, poles, and snowboard. Shelves standing against the wall are the perfect place for skates, ski boots, and snowshoes. Just be sure to store these items on a lower shelf in case of an accidental drip. And speaking of dripping …

Wipe it Down

After a fun day on the slopes, ice rink, or sledding hill, wipe down your gear. Some equipment is vulnerable to rust if you let it stay wet, but introducing moisture into your storage unit is never a good idea. So even if your plastic sled won’t be affected by a little water, the priceless family pictures stored next to it will.

Dedicate a Bin

Have a labeled bin in your storage unit dedicated to winter activities. Keep your ski goggles and ski wax in it. If you have ski boot inserts or special hats and waterproof gloves that you use only for winter sports, they can also go in the bin. Just be sure to toss them in your dryer before you pack them away so they’ll be ready to go next time you have an outdoor adventure.

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