Protecting Items in Your Storage Unit from Theft

self storage norwell maThere are all sorts of storage units out there. Some of them have been around for a while and are little more than a metal box subject to the ravages of time, nature, and the elements. Some are brand-new and top of the line, with climate control, 24-hour security, and keycard access. And some are in between, with some of the bells and whistle but not all.

Irrespective of what kind of storage unit you have, one major concern is theft. If someone knows or suspects that you have something of value in your unit, they might find a way in.

While Walk in Closet is a safe, state-of-the-art storage facility, with video surveillance to help provide the highest level of security, here are a few safety tips to help keep your valuables safe no matter where you choose to store your belongings.

Intentional mislabeling. If you mark your cardboard boxes according to content or by household location, consider putting your most valuable items in a box and deciding on an innocuous label — “kitchen” or “bathroom,” for example. Tell everyone who needs to know where the valuables are what the box says, and keep the information safe.

Boxes in boxes. If someone breaks into your unit, they’re going to try and get in and out as quickly as possible, so make it as challenging as possible to get to your valuables. Put them in boxes that are inside boxes that are inside boxes and place them at the back of the unit so it’s a real job to get to them. Thieves won’t spend the time digging, especially when the items are that well-hidden.

Check in. If thieves are hanging around watching for activity in a unit, then give them some. Stop by periodically and make it clear that the items weren’t placed in the storage unit and left there — someone is checking in on the unit. Thieves will be more likely to hit a unit that’s less likely to have an owner show up.

Invest in a good lock. A flimsy lock on your unit is a huge red flag for thieves who know they can break it easily. Spend the extra money and get a solid metal lock that’s going to make anyone thinking about breaking in think twice.

Another great way to prevent theft when storing your things is to make sure that you choose the right storage facility. Call 781-885-3965 or contact us via email to learn more about how Walk In Closet can help keep your possessions and valuables safe.

Walk in Closet, self storage in Randolph, provides the ideal solution to the problem of overcrowding. Whether it’s your business files, equipment and retail inventory, or furniture and belongings from your home, our storage closets will accommodate you. Whatever the reason, Walk in Closet provides a safe, temperature-controlled, state-of-the-art storage facility to suit your individual needs. Call 781-885-3965 for more information.

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