Man of … Steal?

burglar-clipart-thief-clipart-spletni-goljufGather ‘round, kids. It’s storytime. You’re familiar with Nicholas Cage, right? Well, records show that between 1996 and 2011 the actor earned $150 million from a series of films he appeared in. When you’re dealing with money like that, what’s a boy to do? Buy comics, of course! In 1997, Mr. Cage plunked down $150,000 for a 1938 comic book that was the first to feature Superman on the cover. He proudly hung that piece of memorabilia on his wall.

Unfortunately, such prominent placement made it an easy target for thieves, and the Superman comic, along with a comic that featured Batman’s first appearance, were taken from Cage’s home in 2000. The Batman comic was eventually recovered, but it was years before the Superman comic reappeared.

In the meantime, Cage declared bankruptcy in 2010. Now, we’re not going to call a six-figure comic book purchase frivolous, but maybe investing a little bit of that $150 million would have been wise. Anyway, in 2011 the contents of an abandoned storage unit were sold to an unidentified man who discovered Cage’s comic book. He returned the book to its rightful owner, who turned right around and auctioned it off for $2,161,000. Not a bad return on investment, right? Unfortunately the sale only made a small dent in his $13 million debt. Poor Nick.

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