Making Peace with Things and Storage Units

flea-market-1132551_960_720Earlier this month, The Atlantic published a beautiful essay titled Finding Solace in a Storage Unit. It explores what these storage units mean to people and why the US has so many more of them than other countries.

It could be that we’re transient or materialistic, but the author suggests storage units mean more than that. They serve as a way to start a business or as a place for a family to get back on their feet (not something we recommend!). They allow us to hang onto our things, whether we need them or not, and the author says that optimism might be the reason we cling to our things. Maybe something is more valuable than originally recognized and will propel the owner into serious wealth. Maybe things will get better and the storage unit renter will marry again, buy another house, or start another business and have reason to use all that stuff again.

The drivers of the storage unit are downsizing, dislocation, death, and divorce, and it was this last reason why the essay’s author chose to rent a storage unit for a year. As the essay ends, she says that being separated from her stuff for a year gave her a different perspective on it and she was able to look at it with clear eyes, choosing what she wanted to keep without the memory of her husband or her marriage looming over it. As she said, her experience with a storage unit allows her to “make peace with her things.”  

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