Insuring Items in a Storage Unit

Insuring Items in a Storage UnitSo you have a storage unit as well as homeowners and renters insurance. Are the items in your storage unit covered by your policy? The answers are “yes,” and “it depends.” Confused? Read on.

Most homeowners or renters policies will cover your property no matter where it is, but only up to a point. If you have belongings that are not in your primary residence, those items are only covered up to a certain percentage of their value — sometimes only 10%. And there are exceptions to this rule.

Collections: If you’re storing a special collection in your storage unit, like art or rare books, your insurance policy may not cover it at all. Many policies require you to purchase separate policies for special collections.

Vehicles: If you’re storing a vintage car in your unit or keeping your motorcycle in there during the winter, those vehicles will not be covered and require a separate policy. Exceptions to this are vehicles used to maintain your property, like a ride-on lawnmower, but these items fall under the 10% rule.

If you have a standard renters or homeowners insurance policy and are following the rules of the storage unit company you’re using, your property is covered up to a point. But if you’re storing unusual or precious items in your unit, it’s a good idea to give your insurance agent a call or talk to the storage unit company about extra coverage.

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