Is Climate-Controlled Self Storage Necessary?

ClimateControlledStorageWhether you’re using a storage unit to hold your furniture and clothing temporarily during a move or to indefinitely keep papers, seasonal decorations, or other things you can’t bear to part with, the things in your storage unit are important and should be protected. When choosing a storage unit, many people don’t consider the way the climate can wreak havoc on their things.

In New England, we are lucky enough to enjoy the changing of the seasons. But with the softly falling snow can come brutally cold temperatures and with the beautiful summer beach days can come high humidity levels. Cold temperatures can make the items in your storage unit brittle and prone to breakage while high humidity levels can quickly damage papers, photos, and electronics. If you are storing things in a storage unit for more than a week, climate control is important.

A climate-controlled storage unit will maintain a constant temperature and humidity level, which will protect your belongings. Further, climate-controlled units have to be part of a larger building, which also protects stored items from water damage and insect infestation.

Not everyone needs climate control, but if you’re planning on storing delicate items for a long period of time, it’s the best way to protect your important belongings.

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