Boxing Up Your Gear in Your Self Storage Unit

Boxing Up Your Gear in Your Storage UnitWhen the time comes to load up your belongings into your self storage unit, most of your possessions will likely be in boxes. Boxes are a pretty standard choice to keep your items safe and organized, and are relatively inexpensive.

Most considerations when using boxes are common sense — always label what’s in them (the more clearly, the better), always put heavier boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes on top, and keep boxes with important items closest to the front of the unit and easy to access.

But there are a few other tips when it comes to boxes that are worth pointing out. For example, boxes should be filled to capacity, and if they’re not, any empty space should be filled in with newspaper or packing peanuts. This prevents the boxes from collapsing, which can not only damage the contents, but cause other boxes stacked on top to fall.

Also, there are boxes that are specially designed to hold and protect dishes and other fragile items. These boxes are a good investment, and will leave more room in other boxes.

Finally, it’s a good idea to keep a list of the boxes in your unit. Once the boxes have been labeled, write down which boxes you have and keep the list safe. Simple lists will reassure you that all the boxes are present and accounted for, and more complex and detailed lists will tell you where each box is and exactly what’s in each.

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