Some Basic Tips for Your Walk-In Closet Storage Unit

self storage norwell interiorWhen it comes to loading up your storage unit, most of what you need to know is common sense. And some things — like putting an unlabeled box of heavy books on top of an unlabeled box of glassware — can only be learned the hard way.

Still, there are handy tips when it comes to getting the most out of your storage unit, and here are a few key ones.

Keep it up. On pallets, that is. Even the most waterproof of units can’t protect against a totally unexpected or completely random set of circumstances, so be sure to keep your valuables raised off the floor. Just in case.

Handy sand. If you’re in a part of the country that experiences tough winters, you’re probably already carrying sand. But be sure to bring it with you to your storage unit if it faces the outside. A buildup of ice can make accessing your unit impossible.

Maintain the space. Folks can store some pretty crazy stuff in storage units, and some of it can cause stains, scrapes, gouges, or other damage to the floor and walls. Use protective plastic sheeting or movers’ rugs to keep the unit neat and tidy.

The short arm of the law. Most reputable storage unit facilities have plenty of security measures in place, but hey, things happen. When you buy a lock, be sure it has a short arm to thwart would-be thieves. The longer the arm, the easier it is to slip in bolt cutters.

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