Alternative Uses for Your Self Storage Unit

wine-426463_960_720We all know that storage units provide the perfect place to stash your motorcycle in the winter or your Christmas decorations in the summer, but if you think outside the box — following the rules of the storage unit facility, of course — your storage space can become almost an extension of your home, especially when it’s a climate controlled storage unit like we have available at Walk In Closets Self Storage.

Home Office

If you’re starting a sales business that requires you to keep inventory on hand, but you don’t want it in your living room, a storage unit could be your best bet! Keep all of those boxes stored out of your home in a facility that’s convenient and you’ll have easy access to your inventory anytime you want it. Put an inexpensive desk in there among the boxes and you’ll have a quiet place to work away from all the distractions of home.

An Extension of Your Artistic Space

Looking for a place where you can store your hobbies, craft, or art supplies? If you’re not making as many quilts these days as you used to, or your sculptures are too large to keep at home, a self storage unit is perfect for keeping your hobbies and artistic creations organized.

Your Dream Closet

If you’ve always dreamed of having one of those expansive and well-organized closets you see on TV all the time, a storage unit could get you close to your dream. Fill the unit with shelves and shoe racks, and your storage unit will become the perfect place to keep your off-season close, your huge shoe collection, or all of those leather bags you just can’t part with.

A Wine Cellar (of sorts)

While a wine cellar would be ideal, for many of us they’re not feasible to keep. A climate controlled self storage unit is perfect to store wine. They offer the ideal darkness, temperature, and humidity levels.

A storage unit can be much more than a place to stash your waterskis, even though that’s a good idea too. Get creative!

Walk in Closet, self storage in Randolph, provides the ideal solution to the problem of overcrowding. Whether it’s your business files, equipment and retail inventory, or furniture and belongings from your home, our storage closets will accommodate you. Whatever the reason, Walk in Closet provides a safe, temperature-controlled, state-of-the-art storage facility to suit your individual needs. Call 781-885-3965 for more information! We’re located at 76 Pacella Park Drive, Randolph, MA.


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